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Railstore aims to offers resources from both the full size and miniature railways.
From these pages you will be able browse our online archives.


E-mail Problems.

We apologise to anyone who sent an e-mail to us and didn't receive a response.

This was due to our e-mail system marking valid messages as spam. Steps have been taken to hopefully
prevent this in the future. We have contacted those we found to have been affected, however, if
you sent us a message of any sorts and still haven't received a response, please try contacting us again.


Added guide on how to modify the ESU 21MTC Adapter Board
to enable direct use of Aux 3 and Aux 4 on decoders that only make these available
as logical outputs.


A short video showing progress on a sound install kit for the
Auscision 73 class is available


Now offering decoder installation service for the Auscision 73 class.
These models are NOT dcc ready require a complete rewire and modifications
to the light boards to be able to control the lights under DCC.

If you have a 73 class that you would like converted please contact us for further information.


Added Eureka HUB set DCC marker light control install guide

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